The Virtual Assistant – A Boon in Today’s Economy

In the present day’s ever shrinking economy, small businesses have to look for new strategies to boost productivity while decreasing expenses. In order to reduce spending, numerous company owners have begun to carry out non-income generating duties themselves. But what a lot of them are not aware of is that in using this strategy, it’s essentially costing them money as opposed to saving. A forward thinking alternative to this all too common problem is to hire the services of a virtual assistant.

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A virtual assistant can accomplish numerous chores which are essential to maintaining a business, but do not demand a physical presence at the company address. Responsibilities like checking and responding to emails, sending invoices, publishing content to weblogs, and maintaining contact with clients may all be outsourced to a virtual assistant Virtual Tax Services. Thanks largely to the accessibility of the Internet, finding a virtual assistant to carry out the duties of a secretary is now feasible and more cost effective than ever before. Outsourcing a lot of the responsibilities necessary to launch a venture into success can now be done with the help and support of a competent and enthusiastic virtual assistant in the Philippines.

As a business owner you will probably be reluctant to assume new expenditures to be able to operate your business, especially with the shakiness of the current market. By working with a virtual assistant (or virtual secretary) who works from the Philippines it’s possible to lower your operating budget while increasing your productivity and as a result, your cash flow. While it’s true that there are virtual assistant services available from other countries around the world, what I have learned is that employees in the Philippines have typically sought advanced schooling and a college degree. They are eager to work, possess a strong work ethic, and hold in great esteem American ideals and ethics in the workplace.

Considering the cost of employing a virtual secretary offshore compared to a local assistant, the practical course would be to outsource the work offshore. Based on information from the bureau of labor statistics for 2008, the annual median wages for United States based administrative assistants and secretaries was $29,050. As of May 2008 the figure was in excess of $40,000. Realistically, that’s a shockingly high amount to pay every year for an office staff that doesn’t produce revenue. A number of these are employed full time and hence incur even more costs, such as medical insurance, unemployment, payroll tax and workers’ compensation. But with a Filipino secretary, the yearly pay would be much less than that paid to an American employee, and the business would not have the legally required extra costs.

Now we’ll explain why getting a Filipino virtual assistant can be of such great benefit to your organization. Maybe you still feel that the right way to improve your cash flow is simply by doing the work all by yourself. However, how much capital are you in fact making (or keeping) while you answer emails, settle payments, answer telephone calls, or collect date through research? The Pareto principle stipulates that 20% of the work one does is responsible for 80% of the generated earnings. Because of this, there is left 80% of your time that could… and really should… be utilized to grow your business and flourish in your present niche.

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