Why You Should Think About Participating in a Study Abroad Summer Program

Your education should not only give you the skills you must have to find a job; it should also broaden your world view. There are many different ways to do this, from taking classes about different parts of the world to participating in a particular group around campus, but one of the most entertaining ways to develop cultural awareness is to actually participate in a study abroad summer program. You not only get to study abroad and pad your resume, but you also get to have a great and memorable experience. If you ever have the opportunity to go abroad you should take it, and here’s why:

You get to go abroad! Duh, right?! Think about it, though: so many people live their entire lives in one large city or one small town. Often, the thought of actually going abroad and seeing the world doesn’t even cross their minds, or if it does they let other things pin them down, keeping them from experiencing life to its fullest potential. For people who do get to live life to the fullest, summer can be the perfect time to go. People are usually in high spirits, and your own college probably offers fewer classes. Why not participate in a study abroad program?

Summer is the perfect time to do a language study abroad experience. Is the foreign language requirement of your school weighing you down? Have you been dreading squeezing a Italian, Deutsch, or Korean class in between your engineering and social economics courses? During a language study abroad program, you’ll take about four hours of language classes a day, and then have the rest of the time (excluding studying, of course) to explore your host country. Many programs make plans for trips and other activities as well to make sure you you get the most out of your time overseas. although your focus may be on having fun, you’ll still make great progress in your language studies during your trip. Using the language in your day-to-day life makes a huge difference in how quickly you learn.

Study abroad courses also give you the chance to meet an amazing array of new people. Everyone needs new friends, and everyone should try hard to network now that it is more competitive than ever to get a job. Not only will you likely university of south australia grow close to the people in your program (you will be spending a lot of time with them, after all), but you will also get to meet people from many other countries as well as your host country. Many foreigners tend to gather at certain clubs and cafes, and this will give you a chance to make many new friends.

You will expand your understanding of people’s viewpoints. Each country has its unique culture and values, and people’s methods of interaction often vary greatly. Some countries like Russia value direct communication, while others like Japan discourage boldness. While you probably won’t completely understand another country’s culture after only spending a few months studying there, taking part in a summer study abroad program will nevertheless give you an amazing opportunity to learn about the differences between our culture and another people’s.

If you have ever thought about traveling abroad to study, go in the summer You’ll have a chance to experience a new culture, travel around a new place, and perhaps make a lot of progress in learning a new language, but you won’t be away from friends and family for too long, nor will it interfere with your regular classes. Just remember that some countries experience traditionally warm weather at different times of the year. For example, Chile’s winter is during June, July and August. It’s much warmer in December and January, which is the opposite of someone living in the United States. So, if you are looking to study somewhere warm, you might choose a country like Costa Rica that is tropical all year long-as long as the program their meets your needs. However, if summer is just a convenient time for you to travel, just choose a place that interests you and you will have a study abroad summer program to remember!

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