How to Establish an Offshore Business

Establishing an offshore presence for your business can be a very overwhelming prospect to say the least. Indeed there are many aspects that need to be considered and taken into consideration.

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To start, an offshore jurisdiction for your IBC incorporation (International Business Company) needs to be selected; one that allows your business to legally conduct business dominoqq . The local laws and regulations of the offshore jurisdiction need to be carefully researched. For example many offshore jurisdictions will not allow online Casinos to operate without a gaming license, where as some do not have this requirement.

Next the privacy and confidentiality of the jurisdiction needs to be taken into account. Does the jurisdiction allow bearer shares and nominee directors? Does the jurisdiction have any treaties with other countries to share information?

Once your company has been established, an offshore bank account must be set-up. The bank must be fully insured, have had a background check, and offer a high level of service with Internet, telephone and fax banking.

A jurisdiction also needs to be selected to host your website. The offshore hosting company must have the bandwidth you require and insure that your private information and database will remain completely confidential.

Reliable offshore merchant processing must also be put in place, allowing you to accept payments from your customers by credit card and settle to the privacy of your offshore IBC company bank account.

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