Best Selling Samsung M02

Samsung MOST PLUS models have been one of the best selling handsets from Samsung. With great features that add value to the user’s life, the always on trend Samsung M 02 was a hit with consumers. It is one of the first handsets from Samsung which offers a camera built into it along with great gaming features. Samsung has kept the cost down of this handset by not including many of the features that will make the phone unique and in demand. And, this allows the consumers who want a top phone without breaking their budget to buy the Samsung M 02.

Samsung M02 Price, camera, and other specifications have been disclosed and the phone is now available for sale in india. There are several online retailers who are selling the Samsung M 02 online at very affordable rates Samsung M02 . However, it is important to read the terms and conditions listed by the online seller before purchasing the Samsung M 02 because different websites do charge different prices for the same handset.

The Samsung M 02 has a very compact body, but has a very large display size which can become a problem for some users. The display size of this smartphone is five.5 inches, which is quite large. The Samsung M 02 has a dual tone LCD display which looks very nice when illuminated. The Samsung M02 is powered by a quad-core 1 GHz processor and has a nice memory to compliment it. The device also comes with sixteen million color photos and fifteen hundred songs stored in the internal memory. To enjoy a better picture, you can also download Samsung’s picture viewer software which allows you to view and edit your pictures in your Samsung Gallery.

With a body that is both compact and high tech, the Samsung M02 definitely packs a punch. The phone comes with a standard six mega pixel Super AMOLED capacitive screen which ensures bright text and vivid images. It even comes with Samsung’s famous blue light cut mode which automatically optimizes the display in low lighting situations. To add to the beauty of this handset, it comes with a gorgeous blue LED flash, which should definitely give your Samsung mobile a cool vibe.

The Samsung Mbender comes with a single speaker on the bottom right corner of the phone. The earpiece of this handset is a standard ear piece which is easily attached to your ear with a one-handed operation. The earpiece speaker of the Samsung M02 doubles up as an infrared camera, which helps to capture vivid images. This LED flash has a variable shooting modes, including Auto, Fun, Easy, and Regular. This is very useful when you need the ability to take pictures in different angle types.

The Samsung Galaxy Meningja comes with a neat dual sim (nano-sim, stand-by) or microSD slot. You can insert additional SIM cards in this slot. This handset also comes with a fast charging capability which makes it all the more exciting. A unique feature of this phone is that it features a fast charging facility, which allows it to support Google Android devices like the Google Nexus S and HTC Evo Shift.

The accelerometer lets you measure the orientation and velocity of the device. This allows the Samsung Galaxy Mendingja to turn in various directions and even tilt. This is extremely helpful while using the device as it enables the users to get a feel of how they are using the device. Apart from the accelerometer, the Samsung Galaxy Mendingja also comes with a barometer, which measures the soil, rain fall, temperature and pressure.

The Samsung Galaxy Mendingja offers you plenty of memory which allows you to store plenty of data. It has a powerful 1ghz processor which enables it to run extremely fast. Samsung has incorporated a modem which offers you a high speed data transfer, which can transfer pictures very fast. You also have access to expandable memory which helps you save money. The Samsung Galaxy Mendingja has been loaded with tons of features and options which allow you to enjoy the most powerful and advanced mobile phone at amazingly low price!

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