Holiday Survival Guide – How to Keep Your Diet on Track and Stay in Shape Over the Holidays

Being focused on fitness doesn’t mean you need to dread the holidays and their seemingly endless food temptations. Whether you have been building your dream body for years or have recently adopted a healthier lifestyle, the holidays can be very challenging. To make it through the festivities of November and December, you need to let go of the idea that you need to be a calorie counting Scrooge while others are decking the halls.

Accept the fact that you won’t always have command over your schedule and meals and everything from travel, family obligations and potluck dinners will inevitably interfere with your usual routine. Getting into the spirit of the season does not mean bracing yourself for a diet derailment, but to recognize that food indulgence is required. You’ve worked hard all year long to maintain a healthy lifestyle and tasting holiday foods in the joyous company of family and friends is a well deserved reward December Global Holidays .

The major keys to maintaining an exercise routine and healthy diet through the holidays without losing your figure or sanity are consistency and preparation. You should consistently achieve balance in eating and fitness, and you should plan ahead when traveling, partying and hosting guests.

Balanced eating means that you do allow yourself some breaks, and admit that you’re going to eat things that are normally not allowed, and to commit to indulging in moderation. You should never deprive yourself of the foods that tempt you and realize that it is okay to indulge a little bit in everything, but only a little bit. You can’t do harm by merely tasting things and no one has ever blown a body or diet by tasting and enjoying.

With a little planning, it is still possible to maintain a weight loss and exercise program throughout the holidays. While it may not be possible to keep the workout schedule that you keep the rest of the year, realize that it is okay to cut yourself some slack and incorporate different forms of exercise into your day which allows more time to enjoy your family and friends during the holidays.

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