Legal Marketing Wisdom You Should Ignore

Basic marketing strategy may stay constant, but the specific actions and advice that experts give is in a constant state of transition. From social media platforms like Twitter to the ever-changing world of blogging, today’s legal marketing is a far cry from that of even just five years ago.

Having worked with lawyers for the last 15 years, I’ve seen, heard and given a lot of advice when it comes to business development Sherry Dyson . Does it all still apply? No! In order to keep up with clients, you’ve got to understand what still works.., and what’s outdated. Here are few pieces of past wisdom that no longer apply now that the rules have changed!

Everyone has heard someone say “Google it” to refer to looking something up on the web, but did you know that it is Yahoo, not Google, that people go to for news? Yahoo is one of the most user-friendly web tools out there. It isn’t just a search engine, it is a customizable start page for all your web trends. Whether you want to find where and when the next Twilight movie is playing or check the latest sports scores, it can all be done on Yahoo.

Yahoo’s search engine is a powerful tool for Internet research. Because most information on the net is user created, there is equal amounts of fluff and serious content. Yahoo’s advanced search functionality is based upon Boolean logic. Boolean Logic utilizes the words “and”, “or” and “not” to create logical relationships (aka, “equations”) among your search terms, thus narrowing your search and providing results more according to need. Using Yahoo’s advanced search to filter results will help you find the information you need and weed out a lot of the information that you don’t.

For your convenience Yahoo has created a customizable homepage. You can choose what it is that you want to see when you start your day. Not only will you be able to search from the Yahoo start page, but you can choose whether you also see the news, and from which news source. You can choose to see your daily horoscope, link up to job searches, get up-to-the-minute weather, or even view personals and sports scores at the same time.

Like Google, Yahoo has a PPC program that will enable you to promote your company’s product or service to millions of web viewers. Yahoo has close to two and a half billion searchers per month. Their media toolkit allows you to choose a particular audience for your ads, and even the time of day you wish your ad to be displayed. Yahoo’s tool provides keyword suggestions and allows you to test your ad and rotate it. Signing up for Yahoo advertising allows you to promote yourself across all of Yahoo’s content pages and products. Yahoo’s ad program uses the keyword methodology employed by Google. You may select keywords related to your service or products that will be used to determine your demographic. You are then responsible for creating a text ad that will promote your business. Yahoos program also allows you to select the maximum amount you wish to pay each time your ad is clicked on.

Like Google analytics programs, Yahoo provides all their customers with reporting tools that show you how well your ad is doing, allowing you to adjust it appropriately to meet your price, and your target demographic. Note: Yahoo provides an estimation tool that shows you what it will cost to implement the pay per click program based off your selected key words.

Yahoo also manages to accomplish all of this without the Google “taint” or Google backlash. Privacy issues have been less talked about when referencing Yahoo. Yahoo allows its users easy opt-outs for marketing and interest-matched advertising, and they have not yet been involved in any internet privacy scandals, making them a kinder gentler alternative to Google.

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