5 Important Things in Review Valley of The Gods Slot

Valley of the Gods slot is the latest game from developer Yggdrasil. Ancient Egypt has been a source of inspiration for slot machine designers for decades – also in some casinos there are dozens of slot machines with pyramids, pharaohs and Cleopatra on the reels.

Therefore it is not very surprising. However, the slot machine itself has insanely beautiful graphics (you have to love the Egyptian style) and a very successful soundtrack. But above all: playing at Valley of the Gods is a unique experience. Read on.

Review Valley of The Gods Slot

It works differently than the average online slot. You play with a field of 5×5 boxes, so 25 in total. In the boxes are Egyptian symbols and deities plus a rather gender-neutral pharaoh – completely of this time.

1. How The Game Works?

At the beginning of the game you will see symbols in only 13 boxes. The symbols in the other 12 boxes are hidden behind blocks with an image of a so-called scarab (a dung beetle) on it.

There are no paylines. All combinations count criss-cross from left to right. If at least three symbols of one species appear in at least three consecutive columns from the left side, then you have a winning combination. 

You then win a sum of money and a number of blocks with dung beetles disappear.

The number of symbols in your win combination determines how many dung beetles disappear. After that, you get a free respin.

Because more boxes are visible, you now have a greater chance of winning combinations and prizes. If you do not have a winning combination in the respin, then your spin is over and the blocks return.

2. The Second Level

Once you have finished all 12 blocks, the next ‘level’ of Valley of the Gods starts. Here’s how it works.

1. Get Another Respin

You get another respin, now with all 25 squares open. That means you have 5x5x5x5x5=3125 ways to make a winning combination.

2. Re-spin Multiplier 

This re-spin is multiplier x2. This is indicated by Anibus, the god with the dog’s head, who is on the left side of the lock.

3. Get Extra Life

Moreover, you get an ‘extra life’. That is to say: if you do not turn a winning combination during your respin, then you are not immediately finished, but you get another respin. 

The extra life is indicated by the god Ra (the one with the falcon’s head), who stands to the right of the lock.

4. Winning Combination

Do you have a winning combination? Then you not only win money, but you also save for extra multipliers and extra lives. 

From each winning symbol a red or a blue scarab emerges. The blue flies to Anubis – for every five blue scarabs you collect, the multiplier goes up by one. The red flies to Ra – which gives you an extra life for every five red scarabs.

5. Winning Combination in A Row

If you are very lucky and you play many winning combinations in a row, you will win more and more extra lives, the multiplier will get higher and higher and you will win more and more spectacular prizes. Up to 23,200 times your bet!.

3. Final Thoughts

With the Valley of the Gods slot, the designers of Yggdrasil have surpassed themselves. It takes a while to understand this ending, but after that it is so exciting. Every spin you are on your way to that top prize of 23,200 times your bet.

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