What Makes a Successful Project Manager?

As a business owner you won’t always be able to handle certain projects by yourself if you’re already handling other projects. In this case you’ll have to hire a project manager to handle the project for you. Not all of your employees have the personality or skills to be a manage projects.

A good project manager will understand clearly what your goals are for the project and he’ll also have clear ideas for how this could be executed and your goals met. For example, if you own a radio station and you tell your project manager that you want him to seek out PMP certification .

Good PMs possess critical thinking skills and strong interpersonal skills. If a project manager needs to make an important decision regarding a project, he’ll consider the impact this decision will have on the success of the company.

They will also seek advice from his team because it shows that he is humble enough to get help when needed. Successful PMs will give constructive criticism when necessary to keep everyone on the same page.

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