Guidelines for Choosing A TopicMany times, you will be assigned a topic to write on or asked to choose from a variety of topics. The following tips will help you select your topic.

Select a topic appropriate to the length and scope of your paper. Students frequently choose topics that cover too much. Focused topics are more conducive to close observation and broad topics to overgeneralization. A five-page paper should not be written on the history or women’s right history. Instead, you should focus on one instance in the history. It is better to choose a narrow topic for a personal or descriptive essay than, say, your childhood in a small city or your uncle’s barn than the Mi dwest.

Avoid topics that are too easy to summarize and not to discuss or analyze. The plot of Macbeth is not the most important part of the discussion. Instead, focus on the theme of Macbeth’s final scene. The second topic is less narrow and more likely to lead to summary. If you’re considering a topic, consider whether it could lead to an acceptable thesis.

Select a topic that interests your heart. Do not choose to write a persuasive essay about cigarette advertising if you aren’t interested in it. It will be easier to express your opinions and write better if you are interested in the topic. You will find your reader interested in a topic that is of interest to you.

When your assignment calls for research, make sure you choose a topic where you can find relevant material. Even if you don’t have to write a research paper for your assignment, be sure to choose a topic you can understand and provide sufficient detail.

You can always change your topic after you have decided on a topic. Instructors prefer to see you write a great essay rather than waste time writing about a bad topic.

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