My Reborn Dolls a Review

Reborn Dolls a Review  is a brain storm I received while sorting through all of the accumulated parts and pieces I have in my art room ラブドール . As I picked up each piece and put them in their respective places each one seemed to remind me of the special doll I created from the other parts, now long gone with each doll I have sold.

If you are not a “reborner” I am sure you won’t understand the fact that each little vinyl doll you create start out as sort of a blank canvas. The more detail you apply to each and every face seems to bring out a special, one of a kind, little personality in them all. Soon you are just working because they will each tell you exactly how they need to look.

Yes I am well aware of this and No I am not plumb crazy. It is just such a strange thing that over whelms you and you can see what has to be done to make the little dolls come about to their own. And for this reason it seems to urge you on, to finish one and a can not wait feeling to get another one started.

Doing my reborn dolls I have had some dolls speak to me to do some unthinkable reborning, too. I have made 2 werewolf dolls simply because that is what they seemed to be. Each of these dolls spurred me on to apply more and more mohair as I started to root their heads until each of their little faces were completely covered in it. Nothing left to do then but to put some on the arms and legs also at that point. And wow, a werewolf emerged.

There was this one doll that refused to be reborn at all. Her vinyl would not take the flesh colored paint well but seemed to soak up the darker gray and blues. So I used this as a sign she wanted to become a “dead reborn doll”. Seems like an oxymoron does it not? But she looked exactly the way she wanted to and she did sell.

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