Top 5 Tips for the CTP Exam in Treasury Management

Whether you have 1 year of treasury management experience or 100, it is in your best interest to begin studying as early as possible for this exam. The CTP covers such a wide variety of material that it is very unlikely that you will know all the information necessary. We suggest 3 months, but it all depends on you, your existing knowledge and your ability to take standardized tests Security+ exam .

The CTP Exam is based on the text issued by AFP, Essentials of Treasury Management. No question will be on the exam unless it is in this text. Know the text!

If you’re going to purchase additional material for the CTP, make sure it’s qualified. Pay attention to ratings, reviews, etc. We like because its owners have taken the exam. Much of the other material that’s currently available is sold by companies who mass produce material for a wide variety of exams. So be careful when you choose supplementary material.

The CTP is comprised of very complex financial calculations, many of which are reliant on other calculations to be completed first. Practice the formulas and be able to write and rewrite them on demand. Understand when and where each formula is needed and should be used or you will find yourself lost and frustrated when the time comes.

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