Respironics CPAP Machine Range – A Treatment For OSA

The Respironics CPAP machine has become one of the leading CPAP therapy products used in the USA for sufferers of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) bipap machine . It is an affordable unit, extremely portable, and very easy to use.

These reasons make the Respironics units a very good buy for those who want portable, effective CPAP therapy in their own home, and also whilst traveling. It’s surprising how many sleep apnea sufferers spend all their time at home, never holidaying or traveling because they are afraid that their therapy needs may somehow be undermined if they leave the house.

Respironics CPAP machines are a cpap therapy product, manufactured by the Phillips Corporation, and offer a non invasive, assisted ventilation system for OSA sufferers. These machines are extremely durable, well built, and lightweight. They offer an easy to use setup that also includes a humidifier in many models, especially useful if the unit is being operated in a dry or cold area.

The CPAP machine works extremely well for sleep apnea, and also offers treatment to severe snorers. It channels air flow, under slight pressure, into a mask which is worn during the hours of sleep. It applies this positive air pressure to the upper airway and ultimately to the throat area. This reduces the soft tissues of the throat from ‘collapsing’ and causing an airway blockage, and a subsequent apnea episode.

When buying one of these cpap machines, you should take it to you health care professional or clinician to get advice on initial setup of the machine. They are simple to use, but a brief run through will put your mind at rest and ensure effective operation. This reduces the stress and worry of ensuring you get your treatment right from the start.

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