Handmade Jewellery in the Making

Murano glass is a famous handmade glass product that originates from the island of Murano, where it has been handcrafted for years. Murano made its name as a commercial port just off the shore of Venice in Italy as far back as during the 7th century. Murano is regarded as an excellent tourist destination for lovers of fine art and handcrafted jewellery for good reason.

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Artisan glassmakers in Murano have held a monopoly on quality glass making for centuries buy gold in dubai. These master artisans developed ingenious techniques in the making of their Handmade Jewellery, In some cases they used gold threads through glass, they used multicoloured glass, not to mention milk glass. These fine artisans also introduced artificial gemstones made from glass. These old age techniques are still being used today in the creation of this glass making art.

Murano glass handmade jewellery was produced in the 50s and 60s for the purpose of exporting to other countries as gifts and for tourists. The processes used to create these stunning glass gifts is still being employed as the popularity for painstakingly crafted handmade jewellery continues to grow.

Murano glass Handmade jewellery employs painstakingly complex glass making skills, therefore it is not massively produced. Each unique piece of Jewellery is a one off, thus making this Jewellery a perfect gift. Anyone who appreciates fine art will appreciate the technique & creativity of these stunning handcrafted Murano glass jewellery.

No two pieces of glass art jewellery from the island of Murano are identical. Each piece is created using the old traditions that were refined and mastered by optimum artisans the world had ever seen. Dating back Murano glass art became such a sought after product. Anyone looking for extraordinary gifts to give will be thrilled to know that there are styles and designs to suit everyone.

Murano Glass Jewellery is created using the highest quality of glass and melting agents flux. The process involves rods, the glass is shaped over the rods and moulded using a flame to create detailed unique gifts. The Jewellery comes in the forms of pendants, earrings, beads. The artisans use varied techniques depending on what final look they are wanting to achieve.

When it comes to special occasions like birthdays, Xmas and Valentines day, studies have shown that women prefer to receive jewellery as a gift. Men on the other hand would rather give flowers or lingerie, with jewellery coming low down on their priority list. What is the reason for this disparity between the sexes, and why should men change their gift-giving ways?

One of the main reasons men cite for not buying jewellery is the effort involved in finding something their other half will like. Jewellery is such a personal gift that getting it wrong can result in far more disappointment than not trying to give jewellery at all! However, the effort it takes to find out what she likes and her personal taste is exactly what makes a gift of jewellery special.

A second reason for not giving jewellery is obviously cost. Precious jewellery can be very expensive but men don’t want to give something that looks cheap. Their partner will notice and either be offended by the cheapness of the gift, or embarrassed that they spent so much! Getting the amount spent right is a tricky task and one which puts a lot of men off, especially since women are usually more knowledgeable about jewellery brands and know which labels they want to be seen with.

With the advent of discount shopping cost needn’t be a problem. Online jewellery shops are able to offer discounts because of their low overheads, even on products like diamonds, 18 carat gold and platinum. A gift of ‘expensive’ jewellery needn’t actually cost the earth. Finding out which brands the woman likes isn’t really that difficult either – take a look at her handbag or shoe collection. If she likes big brands, get her something with a label, whereas if she has more eclectic taste try an independent design house.

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