The Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Want to find something new to add to your current workout, increasing muscle and bone strength in the process? Then whole body vibration is the thing for you! The fact of the matter is that body vibration has been around for quite a few years, as the initial experiments were performed throughout the 1960’s in Eastern Europe. Russian scientists took these studies to the next level, developing the technology to help regain the loss of muscle strength and bone density in cosmonauts while on space missions. This technology is directly responsible for the Russian Cosmonauts ability to spend 420 days in space.

1993 saw whole body vibration head more into the private circuit when Novotec Medical in Germany continued research in whole body vibration and a system that’s been referred to as the “Galileo” system (“VibraFlex” in the US/Canada) women vibrator . Novotec Medical is credited for creating the world’s first commercial side alternating vibration machine in 1999.

There are basically 2 types of platforms for which whole body vibration is done on the patented Galileo/VibraFlex System, which is the tilting/side-alternating one (ensures vibration is not transferred to the head), and the regular, vertical platform. The results between the two will vary significantly, so be sure to recognize the difference when needed. The outcome for this particular page is in reference to the Galileo/VibraFlex.

Novotec did plenty of its own research in continental Europe and the United Kingdom for the Galileo/VibraFlex System, including the affect of “Vibrostimulation” on an athlete’s performance. The study showed that in 96% of the cases (including men and women, predominantly swimmers and cyclists), a positive effect was present. All studies regarding the long-term effects of the Galileo/VibraFlex System of whole body vibration only improved performance after the 6-month mark.

From a medical point of view, whole body vibration in combination with regular exercise can help prevent bone loss in early post-menopausal women, can help slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease and even help to regain some movements. Whole body vibration alone has been quoted as “successfully inducing reflex standing” in patients with spinal cord injuries.

Rehabilitation has seen its fair share of improvements with the use of whole body vibration. It’s been used in the treatment of lower back pain comparing it to lumbar extensions. Testing revealed the two different treatments had similar results, but whole body vibration has less of a stress effect on the subjects.

Many folks have heard of the famous ‘Rescue Remedy’, a blend of flower essences designed to reduce the stress of the user in tense or traumatic situations – and this formula works wonders for many people. Beyond this remedy, popular knowledge of flower essences is somewhat limited. The scope of flower essence therapy is actually extremely wide, with remedies addressing a great variety of psychological, emotional and spiritual states. Here we’ll have a look at flower essences addressing ‘conditions’ shared by many women – remedies that may help you become more comfortable with your feminine ‘power’ and help you truly shine within and without!

First, a little primer on flower essences – What are they and how do they work? Imagine the brilliance of a fresh flower in bloom; it’s lovely colors and vibrancy. Each flower has it own vibration, so to speak. The size, the shape, the color, the season in which it blooms, how often and for how long, etc. (Here, to get a little more esoteric, western science and eastern philosophy consider that all matter is pure energy – we simply perceive it as solid. One form of matter is distinguished from another by the vibrational pattern of the energy, which holds true when comparing one flower to another). A flower essence is really specially prepared sun flower tea. Water, it turns out, is very ‘imprintable’ with vibration, and thus can store the vibrational pattern of a flower. What does this mean for us humans? Well, each emotional or psychological pattern has a unique vibration, too. Flower essences have the ability to help us transform emotional or psychological patterns that may be holding us back or making us unhappy, into new, healthy patterns of living by infusing our energy with the beauty and energy of a particular flower (or flowers) suited to our condition. Here are a few essences which may help the divine feminine in reaching it’s potential within you.

Alpine Lily Flower Essence: This remedy can support the acceptance of the female body, allowing the spirited female soul to truly inhabit their earthly body. Through signals from our culture or from their family, women may be uncomfortable with their bodies, perhaps rejecting the strictly feminine aspects as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. This can lead to inner conflict, emotional distress, and eventually in the physical manifestation of a disease. Alpine Lily strengthens the confidence of the feminine spirit in the female body, allowing a blossoming of feminine radiance in this earthly incarnation.

Pomegranate Flower Essence: This remedy supports the expression of warm hearted feminine creativity at home or in the world. It has been used as an important remedy for nearly all ‘women’s issues’, clearing negative emotions. This clearing can have dramatic effects where health issues are involved, as we now know the emotional state is closely tied to physical health. Pomegranate is also used as an aphrodisiac for women, alleviating insecurity related to one’s sexual self. This allows confident connection to the sexual chakra, allowing freedom of expression through this channel. Pomegranate is thought to accentuate all aspects of femininity; visualizing feminine confidence may be useful when taking the essence to reveal it’s full effect.

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