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Are you looking for Tata Consultancy Services jobs, which is the largest software exporter in India? You can get a good career if you get into TCS openings. Here is some assistance for you.

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You can generally find details on TCS freshers openings and TCS openings from leading news papers as well as in the websites online. There are lot of TCS india careers available both for freshers as well as experienced persons Visa SOP. For selection of freshers they conduct either campus interviews or off campus selection procedure.

For freshers openings through campus recruitment, TCS has a list of reputed colleges like anna university, PSG College of technology, Thiagarajar college of Engineering, SRM university etc and they visit the campus either at the pre-final year or final year and conduct on-campus recruitment. The first step of the selection procedure consists of online aptitude test. you have to attend a online aptitude test, which consists of aptitude test as well as quantitative analysis questions. Once you write the test, and if you get selected, you will be selected for the next round of interview. Interview might consist of technical interview as well as HR Interview. In technical interview, they will ask questions about your core subject. Mainly the questions will be from the areas of interest mentioned in your resume. Ensure that you display the subjects in which you are confident to answer. Once you clear the technical interview you have to attend the HR interview. In HR interview, they will ask general questions, they will check your communication skills and your general attitude.

The employment outlook for the nation’s newspapers is becoming bleaker every day. Well respected icons like the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times owners have filed for bankruptcy, Gannett has undergone massive layoffs, and newspapers continue to lose ground in competing for advertising with television and especially the internet.

In discussions with my many media contacts, I advise them to be prepared for the worst and to be proactive while still working. If a reporter, writer or editor does end up getting laid off one of the most important assets they will want to use in finding a new job is their PR contacts. Yes, that’s right; the same people who send you press releases may be able to assist you in finding new work or a freelance gig.

The publicists you deal with on a regular basis may be in the best position to help you, and will want to help you. As for new jobs, I don’t have to tell you journalism jobs are scarce so don’t rule out coming over to the “dark side” by becoming a publicist either… it’s not all that bad! Keep an open mind for some free lance work, or even a career change to marketing, corporate communications or web content. In any job search, networking is probably the most important activity you can do.

Since the corporate office won’t always telegraph pending layoff plans, one of the first things I would do is to be prepared for that possibility by gathering all my contact phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses and save them to a disc or memory stick and take it home. If that’s not possible send them out in an email to yourself at another address. Why be so paranoid? I’ve heard of cases where the boss announces the layoff, reporters are told to hand over their blackberries and cell phones on the spot and then they’re locked out of the computer system with no time to get that info.

Then if that pink slip comes, you’ll have the info and you’ll be able to reach each and every contact. Let them know you are searching for a new job and share information about the job you are seeking. If you are emailing them send an updated resume. Don’t be bashful to ask for help and to tell them you’ve been fired, laid off or whatever. Don’t keep it a secret. There’s no shame in losing a job these days especially under the crazy economic situation we’re in now.

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