Alaska Seafood Lovers Are Frantic For Frozen, the Only Year-Round Option

Frozen seafood has always taken a lot of heat and without good reason, as much of the bias against frozen products has been generated by misunderstandings 澳門鮑魚, erroneous information and baseless prejudice. There really is a lot that needs to be learnt about the way seafood is frozen and the nutritional, flavor and texture properties of frozen products taken from the seas-especially in the

case of Alaskan seafood, which represents the pinnacle of freezing methods as well as nutrition, taste and texture. With the reality about frozen becoming more and more known among seafood lovers across the globe, such people are frantically beginning to purchase more and more frozen seafood in order to keep their meal options nice and healthy and varied…all without having to dip too deep into their pocketbook.

Frozen is cheaper, plain and simple. That’s because otherwise things would be a lot less commercially feasible for the companies involved in catching and processing the seafood (they would have tighter timetables and would lose a good deal of their catch to rotting). In the case of seafood caught in Alaska, almost all of it is frozen within a few short hours of having been pulled from the water, which means that the freshness is sealed right into the animal. Yet not just any kind of freezing technology is used: instead, Alaska seafood processors use hi-tech deep freeze methods that are incredibly fast and better at preserving both texture and flavor. After freezing, most species are then coated with a sugar-water solution that further protects the quality of the meat by keeping it out of contact with the air; in other cases, vacuum sealed packaging is applied.

There are a few key aspects of frozen seafood that seafood buyers should know. First of all, it’s very interesting to learn that even the most knowledgeable seafood aficionados are going to have a hard time distinguishing unfrozen, fresh high-grade Alaska seafood from frozen high-grade Alaska seafood. Secondly, it is important to know that over 99% of all the nutritional properties of the fish are

preserved when frozen, meaning that frozen seafood is not the slightest bit less-healthy than the fresher alternative. In fact, the very term “fresh” actually applies in the case of frozen Alaska seafood because of the point at which the product is frozen and the methods used to freeze it. Basically, you can’t afford to go without a little frozen seafood in your freezer no matter what time of the year!

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