Internet Marketing Strategies – Google AdWords Account Structure

A key to a successful Internet Marketing Strategy is a Sponsored Search Marketing campaign. One primary part of Sponsored Search marketing is the Google AdWords system.

Google AdWords allows users the ability to bid on top placement on the Google website and the Google search network buy verified adwords account. The Google AdWords system also has access to a content network which allows syndication of their marketing across a variety of websites.

We will dissect the structure of a Google AdWords account to help you plan out the proper strategy when it comes to the search engine marketing aspect of your Internet Marketing Strategy. A Google AdWords Account has the following structure:

The campaign level of the Google AdWords account appears immediately after the main account level. A campaign is the level of an AdWords account is where you have the ability to set the geographic targeting, language targeting, time scheduling for both daily and for the time on the clock in 15 minute increments. The campaign level description should correlate with the internal theme of Ad Groups.

The Ad Group level of the Google AdWords account appears immediately after the campaign level of the account. The Ad Group is the area where we are able to have 10,000 (ten-thousand) sections to organize your keywords in direct correlation with the Ad Copy you plan on your keywords triggering. Your Ad Group name should have a relevant theme to the keywords found in the Ad Group.

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