Become A Habitual Peak Performer – Learn How To Get Into Flow Or – The Zone More Frequently

This is not a technical article on the Y2mate psychology of sports and how the brain functions when a person is engaged in competition. I am not a zone coach or psychologist, neither do I pretend to have conducted any experiments or studies on people who have exhibited the traits of persons who could be said to have been in “flow” at any point in time.

What I aim to do in this article is to share my considerable experience in delivering exceptional performances in virtually every area of endeavour I have chosen to apply diligent and committed effort. Most of my achievements have been made possible by my self-taught ability to almost willfully get myself into “Flow”(an unconscious state of mind that facilitates seemingly effortless achievement of optimal learning and/or performance) whenever I felt the need to do so, in order to achieve a set goal(s).

Because I have experienced what it feels like to get into “Flow” or “The Zone” on many occasions(and I provide graphic details of some of those instances in this article), I am able to share THAT experience with the reader, and explain how s/he can achieve the same result, frequently and repeatedly, if s/he so desires.

As I have stated earlier, I make no claims to being an authority on getting into “Flow” or “The Zone”. However going by my personal experiences(which I need NO PhD degree qualifications to write or speak about), I strongly believe different individuals will find need to develop different levels of proficiency in their ability to get into AND STAY – for as long as may be necessary/desired – in “The Zone”. Improvement in mastery of this skill will depend on how well each person applies him/herself.

The challenge is therefore for you to use the ideas offered in this write up to build up YOUR OWN ability to get into – and stay in – “The Zone” in a way that enables you meet YOUR needs to achieve.

What Exactly Does It Mean To Get Into “Flow” Or “The Zone”?(My Handball Semi-Final Match Case Study)

Before I make references to what others have said, I will describe this experience in my own words by narrating what happened to me during the 1992 finals of the University Of Ibadan’s Inter-Halls Handball Competition. That year, I was captain of both the university team and the Independence Hall team. The latter had qualified – for the first time in their history – for the semi-finals of the inter-halls competition, and we were up against Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall, our arch rivals.

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