Qualities to look for in a Potential Security Guard for your Business

Contracted vs. In-House Cost: The experienced business owner knows that labor costs far exceed the hourly pay rate close protection driver in London . Training time, vacation pay, sick days, insurance, taxes, training, uniforms, equipment, prehiring screening, and regular performance reviews are just some of the costs associated with hiring a security guard. In most cases, going with a contracted security provider can eliminate the burden of piecing together all those hidden costs and save you money!

Top 10 Qualities Of Effective Security Guard That Make Them Stand Out -  Novagems

Training and Development: When searching for a contracted security provider, make sure and ask some important questions: Do you require on-going training for your guards? Are your guards well-read in the laws of your area and the laws governing private security operations? How often do you conduct performance reviews on your guards? Do you pay for advanced training or is that obligation placed on the guard? When you get the feeling that you may be getting vauge answers or a provider just plain doesn’t have a training and development strategy for their guards, this should send up major red flags!

Security Guard Accountability: Most quality contracted security providers have some sort of accountability mechanism to track the location of their guards while on property. The good contracted providers will have an interface that allows the client to check and see when a guard has come on property and when they’ve left.

A great contracted provider will provide an interface that is user friendly and advanced enough to report the exact track or route a guard took while patroling your property. These mechanisms can prevent guards from kicking their feet up and staying in one spot all night. A quality security patrol covers the most amount of ground possible in order to provide a presence that deters criminal activity and sets the tone for your property!

Professionalism: Some providers will hire any guard with the requisite licensing in order to meet contract requirements. Look for providers that recruit for military and law enforcement backgrounds. The skills and experience learned from these career backgrounds ensure a guard that knows not only how to rise to the occasion when the situation dictates but also tells you that this individual knows what selfless service entails. These individuals will go above and beyond in order to ensure the safety and security of your property!

Tactical Knowledge: Operating as a security guard shouldn’t just entail sitting behind a desk in a uniform. The day to day obligation of that guard should be careful consideration of security concerns specific to your property. The threats facing a large industrial facility may differ greatly from a residential patrol of an apartment complex. Thorough knowledge of your environment and how that may impact the physical or operational security of your property is a crucial skill for any guard.

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