Go Mineral and Natural With Your Face Powder

The instituted ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are great for shielding you from harmful sun rays; for less irritation and allergies; for zero acne, zits, and pimples; and for an oil free skin.

Mineral powders do not contain artificial compounds that may hurt the skin such as dyes, fragrances, chemicals bột thông công, oil and fillers. The powder substances are very micro so they won’t give you heavy dusts and bulks on your face as you go on through the day just make sure you apply them correctly. At the end of the day, there is no trouble with taking the powder off.

This natural powder made of minerals are made available at just about any store nowadays. You won’t have any difficulty in finding them.

Many still doubt the natural benefits of this kind of powders compared to commercial make-up powders. One interesting finding is that Bismouth oxychloride was found to be in mineral powders. Bismouth oxychloride is an artificial compound which is often concocted in powders made of minerals. They are also found to have minimal trace of dyes and fragrances.

Their ability to shield you from UV rays is also highly debated. Liquid powders are easily absorbed by the skin but not this kind of powders.

However, the strongest point of these powders is that they are effective beauty materials that could be easily applied and removed. It is fast to apply and does not need blending thus avoiding unruly make-up streaks on the skin.

You must first learn though how to correctly apply this powder by using a brush as an applicator. To prevent getting messy, blow off or tap the excess powder on the brush. Apply the powder in upward strokes in a rather swift but light motion.

Mineral powders can also act as substitutes for concealers. They are effective for covering up acne, wrinkles, eye bags, and lines. Apply these mineral powders over concealers and foundation to finish and hold them off longer.

You must master how to apply mineral powders to come up with good results and so that beautifying yourself would be a faster and easier routine each day. Clean your brush applicator regularly using antibacterial soap or disinfectant. Replace them in a decent span of time as well to prevent bacteria and germs from getting to your face causing infections.

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