Airsoft Guns Mimic Their Real Brothers

 Airsoft Guns Mimic Their Real Brothers

Toy shops across the world are selling a wide range of airsoft guns that look very much like real weapons. Crafted to be completely realistic, these fake weapons are  .38 special ammo popular with men and women of all ages. Initially these guns were produced to be used in sport where competitors engage in realistic situations and scenarios designed to give the players that adrenalin rush they are after. The mechanics of these guns differ quite a lot from real weapons, in that the propellant used to fire a bullet can never be gun powder.

Many different propellants are used to fire bullets at different speeds from airsoft guns. Guns may work with air that is highly compressed while others use gasses or even a spring. Gas propelled guns seems to be overtaking the other models in preference as they have tremendous firing power.

Airsoft guns which work with the gas known as propane top the shopping lists. These weapons store the propane inside a chamber that acts as a reservoir. To keep your gun loaded, you need to keep this canister full by refilling it. Once fired, the propane gas smells a lot like gun powder residue. People who play with these look alike weapons appreciate this aspect.

To make the firing of the weapon even more realistic, smoking caps can be attached to your weapon. This produces a plume of white smoke from the barrel after the gun is fired. In games these plumes of smoke are indicators of which gun was fired by whom. The propane gas models have the strongest firing power as the bullet is pushed out at a great speed by the gas expanding quickly in the firing chamber. Spring loaded guns are losing their popularity due to their shorter range and smaller less powerful firing.

These weapons can hold various magazines which in their turn can hold a certain amounts of bullets. Some weapons need to be reloaded after every shot whilst others sport semi automatic status. Apart from the firing power these guns pose, the real threat can be found in the fact that criminals are using them more and more to rob people and businesses with.

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